Dwayne Hollingswell became a rare commodity in Memphis. Intelligent, young, black, handsome, a steady income, and the makings of a successful financier in Memphis. If you met him you felt honored to be in his presence because it was like watching a unicorn drink rainbow colored water out of a rambling stream flowing peacefully through the hood. Different to the point that you’d instill fantasy by naming him the 8th wonder of the world.

He’d known he was different since the age of fifteen. None of his thoughts and questions were ever satisfied and his mind was far ahead of other boys his age, neither bothered him. While they hid, and drooled over a magazine’s big butt beauty of the week, Dwayne was making candlelit dates with money.

As a spiritual man, he knew better than to love money. His grandmother had drilled it in to him, but he hadn’t realized he could get lost in its Toxins as he gave money his utmost respect. With no love interest in sight, Dwayne made his nuptials with his financial portfolio. With all the mistakes he’d made with women in the past, it was the freest option…


Nivea Bowen was on the hunt to have it all. She didn’t mind sweating for it or even shedding tears. After years of fighting her way to the top of her class at an Ivy League school, she had her heart set on IPO-ing her company before its fifth anniversary. She was losing the battle against time and needed to focus on building her dynasty.

Growing up with a single mother on the west coast had taught her some important things. Specifically, what she didn’t want in life. And depending on her mother’s mood on that Sunday, it was touched with a little religion too.

Once she realized that her king would come to her, she slept with success until her king came knocking. However, she didn’t realize how thick the Toxins that lingered from getting her feet wet, would be. What queen really needs a king to rule, anyways…

When Dwayne and Nivea finally decide it’s safe to take off their masks to get a whiff of love, can they handle the small inhalations of each other’s Toxins, or will the Toxic fumes they inhale be them getting whiffs of their own?




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